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ECE 570 – NONLINEAR OPTICS (4 credits)


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Nonlinear optics allows us to change the color of a light beam, to change its shape in space and time, and to create the shortest events ever made by humans. Nonlinear optical phenomena are the basis of many components of optical communications systems, optical sensing, biomedical imaging, and materials research.  This course introduces the fundamentals and applications of the nonlinear interaction of radiation with matter. Its goal is to give a student a working knowledge of nonlinear effects, nonlinear materials and the applications of nonlinear optics in various technologies.

ECE 350, one of ECE 460 or PHYS 402, or consent of the instructor.

graduate-level course

Prof. Yang Zhao

Holonyak Micro and Nanotechnology Lab, Rm 1106
208 N. Wright Street, Urbana, IL 61801

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This class will meet every Tue & Thu 1:00pm-2:20pm.