New paper published in Journal of Physics D!

Congratulations to Jason Pan and his coauthors (Tommy Kmieciak, Yen-Ting (Andy) Liu, Matthew Wildenradt) on a review paper, “Quantifying molecular- to cellular-level forces in living cells,” which is published in Journal of Physics D!

Invited Talk

Yang gives an invited seminar for the Electrical and System Engineering Department at Washington University in St Louis! Thank you Mark Lawrence for the invitation!

Invited Talk

Yang gives an invited seminar for the Photonics Research Centre at Macquarie University! Thank you Mikolaj Schmidt for the invitation!

Invited Talk

Yang gives an invited talk at MRS Spring 2021! Thank you Howard Lee for the invitation!

We are hiring!

Prospective lab members should email a CV that summarizes their research skills and interests to Prof. Yang Zhao

Postdoctoral Fellows:
We currently have one position opening for postdocs. Candidates in the fields of biophysics, biomechanics, molecular biology, and atomic force microscopy are preferred.

Graduate Students:
We are actively looking for exceptionally qualified graduate students with a background in Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering/Biology, Materials Science, and Physics/Applied Physics to join our lab.

Undergraduate Students:
We welcome UIUC undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience in the areas of biophotonic devices, microscopy, nano-optics and nanophotonics. Please note that we generally discourage short term projects (single semester) since there is a significant amount of training required prior to participating in one of our research programs. Students, who are interested in long-term (two semesters or longer) intensive research projects, are highly encouraged to contact Prof. Zhao.